Check these vital requirements out before you’re making a building’s foundation

A building can not simply be placed directly on the ground. It needs a lower structure called the foundation. The foundation is part of a building that serves to support the entire weight of the building and pass it to the ground beneath. Meanwhile, you may go to McKinney foundation repair , by the time you need the trusted and recommended foundation repair experts near you. They’re one of the best companies in the area.

According to an expert, the building construction practitioner in the book “Building Construction Unstratic” said, in general, the layer of the surface on the surface of thickness ± 50cm is a very unstable humus soil layer and does not have a good carrying capacity. Therefore, the foundation should be deeper than this humus soil layer.

Power pressure on the foundation end is also considered important. The more weight the building load should be supported, the greater the carrying capacity of the soil as needed and the wider the foundation.

Some conditions for foundation work that must be considered:

1. The base of the foundation shall have sufficient width and shall be placed on the original hard soil layer.

2. It should be avoided to install a partial foundation on hard soil and partly on soft soil

3. The foundation shall be installed continuously under the entire wall of the building and under the free-standing supporting columns.

4. Where a local foundation is used, the foundations shall be coupled to one another and with a binder (block sloof coupling).

5. The foundation shall be made of a durable material in the ground and strongly resist the forces acting upon it, especially the force of force.

6. If the hard soil layer is not the same, but for the entire length of the foundation the foundation shall remain at the same depth.

That’s it the info that we may share with you at this moment. We hope this helps you to understand more about the building construction.

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