Here are Two Ways You Can Do To Adapt Well In New Campus

Abroad, you are faced with several different cultures and even different ways of communication. If you are studying abroad, then you will be faced with different people you meet there. Before that, you have to know the various preparation courses that you should know, one of which is to follow the English test. B1 english test is one of the tests you can do to get a visa in the UK.


During college, you need some of these ways in order to adapt to the campus environment.

1. Find out various things about the majors you take
You will not feel confused when trying to get used to, then give yourself with a variety of basic information about the majors and faculties that you take there.

2. Do not be shy to ask
There are many seniors on your campus, so do not be ashamed to ask me. Asking a more experienced person will bring you to the right and proper answer.

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