Know these if you want to attract visitors at a property exhibition

Prepare a team to represent the company. In this case, you can set up a team to represent a company like Sales, Customer Relations, Market Research, Public Relations, or General Manager. Preferably the composition of the team, are those who know in full the product information. In the meantime, you can also check out the high-quality inflatable marquee to attract more visitors in the next exhibitions.

Notice the attitude at the time of the exhibition

Attitude is also important for your attention. Use the 3-second rule, which aims to provide information about the identity of your developer company.

Then, within those 3 seconds, do not forget to give your company a little track record, while providing a portfolio or company profile.

Greet visitors by standing up and give a warm impression with a smile. Encourage visitors to chat and browse through models or brochures.

You can also ask visitors about their needs in finding a home.

For example, “If I may know, what father is looking for what type of house?” Or “Now where do you live in?”

That way, the interaction will take two ways, and you can identify visitors whether they are your target market or not.

If entered into your target market, then you can issue a ‘marketing’ moment that has been formulated by your sales team.

However, if you do not get into the target market, you can ask them to fill in the guest book and give him a brochure around your property.

Another important thing related to attitude is never to leave the garbage around the exhibition stand or leave personal items in chairs or tables. Remember, the appearance of the stand gives the impression of credibility and corporate image in the public eye.


The last thing to note is to post exhibition. By the time the exhibition ends, of course, you get information about the exhibition visitors who come to see your booth.

As a form of thank you, you can send your gratitude and property information via email or social media like Whatsapp, Line, and so on.

The follow-up process aims to remind visitors about the company’s developers and property products that had been visited.

From this process, you can also provide a gimmick as a marketing strategy to keep visitors concerned or curious.