Types of Foundation Building

The foundation is the principal part and one of the most important of a building, because it is the bottom structure of a house is functioning to withstand the burden of the building. Ideally, the installation of the foundation should be up to hard soil, so the foundation will be stable. However, many found that home the foundation placement of origin, not paying attention to the position of the land, and often based on the experience of artisans. Some of the consequences that can be caused by the non-compliant foundation such as the building become less strong, the wall is broken because the foundation is collapsed, the most noteworthy is if until the collapse of the building due to the foundation is unable to withstand the burden on it. To avoid this, you can use the services of foundation repair in Victoria TX.

Several types of building foundations, among others:

– Pad Foundations

This type of foundation is used as a support for individual point loads such as structural columns in buildings. The shape also varied, can be a circle or sphere and also square. Tread foundation is usually made of the reinforced concrete layer with uniform thickness. However, this type of foundation can also be made in storied form if it is necessary to spread the load from the heavy column. You can use this type of foundation on simple minimalist home construction.

– Raft Foundations

The type of mat foundation is intended to spread the load from the structure over a larger area. The use of this foundation is usually carried out under conditions of column load or other structural loads adjacent to the foundation and interacting with each other. The foundation is composed of reinforced concrete plates that extend to a predetermined area. The advantage of this type of foundation is to reduce local decline by way of a concrete plate that will offset differential movement between load positions. Usually, raft foundations are used on soft or loose soil conditions.

– Raft Foundation
The raft foundation is the foundation of a large concrete plate that acts as a surface chain of one or more columns in several lines or paths with the ground. The use of a raft foundation is usually found in soft soil conditions or in buildings that have a very close column spacing in all directions. So if using the foundation of the palm of the side will coincide with each other.