the 3 Considerations of Choosing a Mask Based on Need

The disposable protective mask is very useful for anyone who has health problems. On the market disposable protective mask is sold at various types and prices. Even in the website provide the best 5 masks reference that can protect people from dust and air pollution. But because now there are many types of masks that are sold, you must choose according to the needs. Therefore, different requirements will affect the selection of materials to use a mask. So how to choose a protective mask? Please read this article to complete.

– Select by function
Mask with the nonwoven material is highly recommended for those who want to protect themselves from dust. In addition to nonwoven masks, you can also use a mask made of gauze that has many layers and filters. This mask can also be used when ill and protect you from other disease-carrying viruses.

– Choose based on comfort
Masks are usually used for a long time. This can make you feel uncomfortable and pain in the ear area. To reduce discomfort in the ear area where the mask strap is attached, you can choose a mask with a soft rubber strap. Not only cause discomfort in the area of ??the ear, the use of masks in a long time can also cause problems with your facial skin. Therefore, it is advisable for you to choose a mask with cotton especially on the mask that covers the face.

– Choose based on price
We encourage you to replace the masks you use every day. Although some disposable protective mask is priced at not cheap, cleanliness remains the number one. Many mask manufacturers are packing their products in box packaging. This reduces your expenses in buying a mask because the price per dozen or wholesale is usually cheaper than retail price.

That’s the 3 considerations of choosing a mask based on need. If the need is different, then the mask used is also different. Congratulations to choose!