Check Structure First Before You Increase Home

Did you know, rising home is not just a matter of funding or not. Raising the house means you will add structure to the existing structure. Before turning the roof into the second floor, have you sure that the structure is strong enough? If you build your own on a previously empty land, you must already know the condition of the structure. The problem is what if you bought the house from a housing developer? Are you sure that the structure will be able to support the second floor later? For that, it is important to check the structure first. The way you can do is to work with us from fix slab foundation .

To be leveled to 2 floors, the foundation depth of at least 90 cm. How to measure it is by digging at 2 point location on the outside of the house that is not covered with ceramic. For example, right next to the side wall of the house. The size of the excavation is 50 cm wide. Check the quality of mortar with a tool called concrete chisel. The trick, by banging the pointed tip of the concrete chisel to the foundation. If it is not easy to break, it means the foundation is good. If it breaks, add a thickness of the foundation as thick as 20 cm. If the foundation depth is less than 90 cm, create a new foundation attached to the old foundation with a minimum height of 90 cm and a width of 30 cm. The addition of this foundation should be carried along the old foundation. But if you have trouble, the addition can be done only on the bottom of the foundation with a column, with a minimum height of 1.3 meters and a width of 50 cm.

As of checking slop, the strength of the column of the house also checked the strength and number of reinforcement bars. There is at least 4 12 mm steel reinforcement for practical columns and 6 12 mm iron bars for the main column. However, additional columns should be added by creating a new column next to the old column. If the old column is not good, then the size should be 2x the size of the old column. If all is not good, both the column and the wall, it must be dismantled first. How to test it is the same. Using concrete chisels and check to see the number of iron reinforcement. If the number of iron reinforcement there are 4 with a size of 10 mm, and the thickness of the beam ring is 15 cm X 15 cm, then the beam ring is strong enough. If it does not fit the minimum criteria, then it must be dismantled and created a new beam ring.

This test should not be ignored, as increasing the house means adding load to the structure that is not yet strong and can result in cracked and damaged walls.