Problems Often Appear On These Two Floor Cover Materials

In addition to disturbing comfort and beauty, the bulging floors also potentially harm residents in it, because it can injure the foot. Homeowners often experience problems in the bulging floor of the room. The case is commonly encountered in two types of floor covering materials, namely ceramics and parquet. One of the disturbances that often occur on the floor of the house that uses ceramic is the material raised up (ceramic popping). The cause is the expansion of the concrete floor. It can happen if the ceramic is installed when the concrete is not mature enough. The process of maturing the concrete itself takes at least 21 days. If you have ceramic popping, how to repair the damage is to dismantle the floor and install it with a new one. To fix the damage that occurs on the floor then you better contact the experts that are To tape, the new ceramics, use polymer-made ceramic adhesives, such as instant cement. Make sure the grout is not too narrow. To prevent this from happening again, you can use a rubber joint expansion joint. This joint is installed around the newly repaired tiled floor. This joint will reduce the clash between ceramics as the floor expands.

Differences with ceramics, the problem that often occurs on the parquet floor is the corrugated material. Parquet floors are surging due to differences between shrinkage between the parquet floor and the floor. In addition, the condition can occur due to damp conditions under the floor. The way to fix this is by dismantling the already installed parquet boards. After that, clean the floor surface of the sticky grime and leave it to the bottom of the dry floor. Install the new parquet with an elastic adhesive. One is adhesive with polyurethane material. In order not to happen again, install a 2cm thick sealant joint at the parquet meeting with the wall.

In order to keep the floor condition well maintained, there are times when you must take care of it regularly. Especially if the floor is made of wood (parquet), care must be done need special treatment. This wooden footrest medium has properties that are prone to moisture as well as scratches. In order to avoid a scratch, it is best to clean it without using a rough cleaning cloth. It would be better to clean it with warm water or a delicate cleaning cloth.