Some of These Steps Can Become Tips For No More Mice in Your Home

The presence of mice would be a very annoying thing for you. Because mice will bring a bad impact on you and your family. The number of diseases that animals are carrying it makes you have to get rid of it immediately. By using the best rat poisons you can catch the rats that are in your house quickly.

The existence of a mouse in your house, of course, there is an underlying cause, then it is better you to know the exact cause of the mice in your house. There are some tips that you can do so that no rats are roaming around your house. Some of these tips are

1. Mice will not appear unless there is an invitation from you. Do not believe? Try to remember, did you ever let the kitchen door or side door open. Or, letting the litter of food scattered around the kitchen, or forget to tidy up the equipment. Instead, you also do not hoard items under the kitchen table or in the dirty kitchen. The house rat liked a warm place to nest.

2. Rats choose what they already eat. If you find that there are mice in your hime, prepare only salted fish or cakes and not cheese.

3. Mice are boring animals. The proof, they always follow the same route repeatedly. Put the mousetrap in places where you’ve seen them hanging around.

4. Mice nesting. You can feed in traps with dental floss, as they will think it is a nesting material.

5. No need to take it off. For example, after catching a mouse, you release it. The rat would have been preyed on by a bigger animal, whether it be a cat, a bird, or even a mouse. They took over another animal territory. So if you catch him, it will be better if you kill him immediately.